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How to enter 'The Terminus,' a secret area Destiny is saving for DLC next year

There's a way into "The Terminus" on Venus in Destiny, and YouTuber Nowise10 shows you how to get there. The Terminus is an area being held out for DLC coming in 2015 called The House of Wolves.

There's nothing to do in this area yet except roam around and explore it — although there are three dead Ghosts the player may pick up. (They don't award Grimoire cards, however.) Accessing The Terminus involves a series of double- and triple-jumps along a scaffolding of debris at The Juncture in the Citadel on Venus. The video shows exactly where to aim and how to get there.

At the end, simply step into the gravity lift and ascend to The Terminus. We'll see if Bungie manages to patch this out, the way they've been doing with Loot Caves and Loot Staircases.

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