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Players found a way to enable Oculus Rift VR support in Alien: Isolation

If you're finding the experience of playing Alien: Isolation not quite terrifying enough (and you have the means), perhaps you should try playing the PC version of the game in immersive virtual reality with an Oculus Rift. While not officially supported by Sega and developer The Creative Assembly, players have uncovered a relatively easy way to enable Rift VR support in the new Alien game.

The Creative Assembly added virtual reality support to Alien: Isolation for a special E3 demo of the game — which we found worked terrifyingly well — but it took a handful of developers and enthusiasts posting to Reddit and the Oculus VR forums to work out a solution for the retail release.

Getting the game to recognize the Rift and present Isolation in VR mode requires editing a few text and XML files and configuring a couple Rift settings, but the implementation appears pretty painless. Here are the instructions, via Reddit.

Based on the response from Rift dev kit owners who say they're playing Alien: Isolation in VR mode, the experience — although unofficial — is great.

For more on Alien: Isolation, read Polygon's review and watch the Overview video below.

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