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You must experience Robocop reimagined as a Kraftwerk-style techno opera

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Robocop is the story of a police officer who is brutally murdered and then becomes a metaphor for Jesus. "The point of Robocop, of course, is it is a Christ story," Director Paul Verhoeven told MTV. "It is about a guy that gets crucified after 50 minutes, then is resurrected in the next 50 minutes and then is like the super-cop of the world, but is also a Jesus figure as he walks over water at the end."

It's a movie that revels in violence and camp in equal measures, especially watched through modern eyes, and in that way it has arguably gotten better with age.

The only way it could have been improved even further is with the addition of a droning, retro-futuristic techno score with remixed vocal samples. Thank the maker the band Ultra Pulverize has created such a thing during a live performance of the new score played live against the film itself.

Against all odds, the mixture of new music and classic film works wonders. The droning, damaged-sounding new score gives the movie a sense of dread that fits with the idea of a police officer becoming company property after his death, and the knowingly goofy suits of the performers adds a bit of flair to the presentation.

"Deeply affected and inspired by Paul Verhoeven's 1987 film Robocop as children, Ultra Pulverize has set out to pay tribute to the science fiction classic by providing a live, full-length, electronic re-score," the official description states. "Original instrumentation will be incorporated with dialogue and sound effect samples from the film, and as a statement against talking during movies, there will be no rapping."

Give it a watch, it's worth your time.