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PS4 still missing out on Evolve 'Big Alpha' as 2K pursues a solution (Update)

The "Big Alpha" event for Evolve is still inaccessible to PlayStation 4 users because of a firmware update on that console, publisher 2K Games said, though it, developer Turtle Rock Studios and PlayStation are still working to find a solution.

Update: 2K Games announced on Sunday it has resolved the problems on PlayStation 4 and will extend the "Big Alpha" for Evolve — on all platforms — until Tuesday, Nov. 4 at 3 pm ET.

Additionally, Evolve's official Twitter account acknowledged matchmaking issues on PC and is working on a solution for them.

2K Games reiterated its earlier guarantee of Big Alpha access to Evolve for PlayStation 4 owners who also have an Xbox One or Windows PC. They can get in with the Registration Code 05379-29749-32069, and the referral code EvolveBigAlpha4v1 by going to this link.

Also, any PC gamer with a copy of XCOM: Enemy Unknown on Steam also has instant access to Evolve's alpha. The game is listed in their library and available for installation.

The PlayStation 4 2.00 firmware update that deployed this week has caused problems with other functions on the console, from the new YouTube video-sharing functionality, to access to the beleaguered DriveClub, and in some cases an inability to boot the console from the reconfigured "rest mode."

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