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Castlevania fan whips up his own amazing custom board game

The hobby board game space is a huge market, by some estimations close to $75 million dollars in North America alone. But sometimes you just can't find the kind of game you want to play. That's why one Reddit user made his own Castlevania board game.

Enclosed in its own vintage leather briefcase, the game features 11 classic Castlevania characters each with their own character sheet, including integrated health tracker. All of game's cards feature 16-bit art from the series, designed from scratch and lovingly cut out of regular old printer paper and laminated. There's even custom dice.

No word on what he spent, but speaking from experience it probably wasn't cheap.

The most interesting part of this project is that it's not a re-skin of an existing game. User XsimonbelmontX came up with a bunch of systems to go along with his handiwork. As they travel the board characters even level up, gaining new skills from an upgrade deck "consisting of subweapons, spells and other abilities" which are unique to each.

This isn't his first time crafting his own games. A few years ago he made a splash with a Fallout themed Monopoly he built for his wife, including player tokens featuring a six pack of Nuka Cola, some Abraxo cleaner and a Liberty Prime figure made from "a melted hybrid of Iron Man, Captain America, and several army men."

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