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Movies struggle with something gaming knows well: Getting information to the viewer

If you love movies and don't subscribe to Every Frame a Painting on YouTube, you're missing out. Each video is a short but intense look at some aspect of movie making, and you'll always learn something by watching. This video explains how movies have dealt with something we take for granted in our daily lives: The text message.

It's an interesting challenge. We are given a ton of information by our smart phones, and it's nearly impossible to create a modern film that doesn't somehow address the act of sending or receiving a text, but how do you get that information to the viewer in a way that's visually appealing? How do you show the plaintext of our phones without boring the viewer?

Movies are struggling with something that games have been working on since we started playing them. The act of sharing information with the player in a way that's quick, appealing and useful is a huge challenge, and even the best designers often struggle with the best way to get the necessary information to the player.

Our modern lives are spent swimming through data, whether it's from our laptops or phones, and showing that aspect of reality on a two-dimensional screen isn't easy. This video is a great exploration of that fact.

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