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Towerfall getting new archers, modes and more with Dark World expansion early 2015

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Towerfall Ascension, the competitive archery-platformer for Windows PC and PlayStation 4, will receive a ton of new content next year as part of an expansion titled Dark World.

Work on the expansion was announced this past September on the Towerfall Devlog, which showcases a few of the incoming features. Those include a new archer, the crimson-clad Vainglorious Ghoul, who captains a ghost ship called The Amaranth, which is one of the expansion's new levels. The expansion adds new modes, too, like Treasure Draft, where players pick from a pool of power-ups before a match begins. New arrows will also be added to the game's extensive list of variants, like Prism Arrows, which can momentarily ensnare players.

According to a post on PlayStation Blog, the expansion will launch on PlayStation 4 in "early 2015" — developer Matt Thorson also confirmed to Polygon that Dark World will launch on Steam at the same time. For more on Towerfall Ascensionread our review from earlier this year.