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XCOM: Enemy Within for mobile closes the gap between smartphone and PC gaming

XCOM: Enemy Within goes mobile on Thursday, delivering a home gaming experience to smartphones and tablets for $12.99.

Following in the footsteps of the mobile port of Enemy Unknown, XCOM: Enemy Within is a perfect experience for touch devices. Having spent about a week with the game, I'm surprised at how well the port plays on an iPhone 6 Plus. And this time around, the XCOM mobile port arrives with multiplayer support out of the gate. You can watch my terrible XCOM antics on the iPhone 6 Plus in the video above.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown for Mobile proved that turn-based strategy games are a natural fit for touch interfaces," said Ananda Gupta, lead designer at Firaxis Games. "In XCOM: Enemy Within, players can return to the XCOM universe, where they'll encounter an assortment of new content including powerful new weapons, abilities and strategies, and confront a host of dangerous new alien threats."

The game, which was ported by Virtuos, is compatible with Amazon Fire devices, select Android devices, the iPad 3, iPad mini 2 and iPhone 5 and up. Multiplayer won't be available on Amazon devices. The game includes new soldier abilities, weapons, equipment enemy threats, strategic resources and story elements. Multiplayer will be supported through Google Play and Apple Game Center.

The game is the latest in a series of console and PC game ports brought over to mobile devices by 2K. Previous titles include Enemy Unknown and the original BioShock.

"Providing consumers with a true triple-A game experience via a mobile or portable device is not an easy feat, but the launch of XCOM: Enemy Unknown for Mobile has shown it is possible," said Christoph Hartmann, president of 2K. "Now, with the launch of XCOM: Enemy Within, 2K is able to showcase our ongoing commitment to providing high-quality, core gaming experiences for our fans on whatever platform they play on."

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