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Indonesian police raid mobile game studio, think it's a gambling den

Police raided the Indonesian branch of mobile gaming giant Gameloft yesterday after local law enforcement mistook it for an online gaming den, local news site Tribun Jogja reports.

Police reportedly first entered the studio without a warrant and attempted to "force their way past security" before returning with a warrant. Reports also state a policeman punched building security while attempting to enter without a warrant.

Employees were then questioned regarding the types of prizes consumers earn for playing their games, the report continues. It is believed the raid was the result of a misunderstanding on the part of authorities regarding what the game developer actually did.

Despite the raid, no charges were made on the game studio. Gameloft is best known for publishing numerous freemium and paymium mobile releases, including iOS and Android releases like Cosmic Colony, The Dark Knight Rises and Monster Life.

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