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Tour BioWare's headquarters with Google Maps

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Having taken zillions of street-level pictures, Google Maps has started going inside, offering users a chance to poke around some buildings' interiors. That now includes BioWare Edmonton, the flagship office of the maker of Mass Effect and Dragon Age.

Visit this link to virtually walk the halls of the developer, bypassing the sign-in at the front desk. Check out all the awards they've taken from E3 and other events, and the huge Mass Effect posters, on your way past a meeting room. Don't get your hopes up, though; this tour was arranged by BioWare's human resources department, so you won't be seeing any teasers or tipoffs as to what they're working on.

The photography was done by Kyle Giesbrecht back in August. BioWare figured the virtual tour would help its recruitment efforts, so that's why HR approved the participation.