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This overpriced bulky gadget turns your PlayStation TV into the world's worst Vita

Now that Sony figured out how to miniaturize the PlayStation Vita, turning the portable into a micro-micro console that you can plug into your TV for at home gaming, some think tank figured out how to reverse the process in the worst ways possible.

The Dekavita features a 7-inch non-touch screen, five hours of gaming on one charge and a design ripped off of a 1990's dollar store all-in-one game system. To use the Hodor-sized device, players just have to unplug their PlayStation TV micro and slip it into the recess in the back.

Due out in the spring of 2015, the handheld will cost you 19,800 yen, or more than either the PlayStation TV (which it doesn't come with) or a PlayStation Vita.

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