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Stop playing Candy Crush and watch your kid: iPhones linked to childhood injuries

There's plenty of folk wisdom that says people (in this case, parents) are more distracted these days, usually because of technology. Now we have sound research to back that up.

As reported at Vox, a new study by Yale graduate student Craig Palsson points to the iPhone as the culprit in the reported 10 percent increase in injuries in children five and younger.

Linking the iPhone — and AT&T's 3G network's growth into new cities, specifically — Palsson was able to make a causal relationship between the popularity of the iPhone and the increase in injuries. Importantly, the increase was most dramatic in small children (who typically need more intense supervision) and activities that require direct parental supervision — like playing on a playground.

It's only one study, which means these findings are not conclusive. But the evidence is compelling. Caregivers who should be watching their kids go crazy on the jungle gym are instead racking up crazy Candy Crush Saga combos and watching YouTube instead of junior.

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