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Here's how to beat Dark Souls 2 in under an hour (without cheating)

Speedrunners beating Dark Souls 2 in less than an hour is nothing new. Players have found ways to complete the game in 20 minutes or so, using a combination of speed-boosting glitches and clipping through levels. But one speedrunner has managed to defeat Dark Souls 2 in under an hour fair and square.

Using a combination of skill, careful planning and a little bit of luck, Corey "Allakazzaror" Coolidge speeds through Dark Souls 2 by taking advantage of a few Bonfire Ascetics, the souls dispensed by the boss known as The Rotten and the option to open the Shrine of Winter by accumulating enough souls. Interestingly, his run sends him into the game's first batch of downloadable content, The Crown of the Sunken King, and despite a death against The Rotten, he manages to pull the feat off in 59 minutes and 15 seconds.

Given the single death and a few other opportunities to shave off time, Coolidge believes the record-setting run can be improved upon. He offers a bit of insight on the run via the Dark Souls 2 subreddit, if you'd like some commentary.

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