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Happy early 20th, PlayStation! Check out Sony's game history in one video

Sony decided to plunge into gaming 20 years ago next month with the release of the original PlayStation on Dec. 3 1994 in Japan.

The Sony console had a massive impact on the gaming industry, becoming the first gaming console to ship 100 million units and receiving plenty of praise for its adult, consumer electronic design, even from the likes of Bill Gates. It was the first console to successfully use the CD-Rom format for games. (Don't even bring up Philips.) And on a personal level, the game console that managed to nudge my attention away from PC gaming, if only for a bit.

The PlayStation launched on Sept. 9, 1995 in North America, Sept. 29 in Europe, November 15 in Australia and Korea finally got its PlayStation in 1996.

The company put together a neat 20th Anniversary website in Japan, that you can check out here. Better still, by far, though is this wonderful video walking us through 20 years of PlayStation. Enjoy and then tell us about your favorite PlayStation moments in the comments.

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