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Play Dragon Age: Inquisition right now through EA Access

Subscribers to Electronic Arts' EA Access program can now download a trial version of Dragon Age: Inquisition to play for up to six hours. This gives subscribers access to the game five days before its North American release.

"Members can download the trial through the EA Access Hub app on Xbox One, and play BioWare's epic new RPG for six hours," the official site states. "Use this time to create your hero, start your story, and explore the living, open world of Thedas. Or take on missions with your friends in Inquisition's cooperative multiplayer mode—the choice is yours."

This is the full game, not a demo, so you can go anywhere and see anything in that time, and your progress will carry over to the main game if you decide to purchase a copy for yourself.

"During your trial, we’ll update you on how many hours you have left to play. Binge and explore the Hinterlands for all six hours at once, or take your time and spread your gaming out over the next few days," EA said.

EA Access, which EA launched in August, is available exclusively on Xbox One. For $4.99 a month or $29.99 a year, the service gives subscribers access to an ever-expanding Vault of catalog titles such as Need for Speed Rivals and Peggle 2, and offers limited-time trials of full games up to five days before release. EA Access customers also receive 10 percent off all EA games and add-on content through the Xbox Games Store — so, for example, subscribers could buy a digital copy of Dragon Age: Inquisition for $53.99.

You can read our review of the game as well, or watch some gameplay video below. Enjoy!

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