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Destiny's Iron Banner 2.0 will be tougher than ever, new chat system incoming

Destiny's Iron Banner 2.0 is the focus of Bungie's latest Weekly Update post, along with new details revealing an upcoming voice chat channel coming next week for matchmade games.

In the first of several Destiny updates scheduled for this month, Destiny Update 1.0.3 introduces a beta test for the new opt-in voice channel feature for players using the game's matchmaking system. The new feature will hit Nov. 17, as an alternative to the game's current fireteam chat communication system which is currently used within pre-formed groups.

The upcoming team chat option will be available for any matchmade activities, including Strikes and team-based Crucible matches. You can check out the update in detail on the official Bungie blog.

Bungie also detailed what can be expected with the release of Iron Banner 2.0, wherein Lord Saladin is said to return to the Tower. As previously reported, the first Iron Banner drew complaints in part because high-level players weren't tough enough in it. This time around, Iron Banner will require a fireteam leader to be level 20, and while lower-level players may join the fun with a "chaperone," they will still find it tough sledding.

Additional information regarding The Dark Below expansion is expected to be revealed sometime next week. The expansion is slated to launch on Dec. 9 with new weapons, armor and bounty slots, as well as a raise to the Light level cap.

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