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Crown of the Ivory King guide: Abandoned Dwelling bonfire 1-1

Head out the door by the bonfire and defeat the Crystal Golem in the clearing ahead.

Continue forward and, while he's pretending to be asleep, lock onto and hit a second Crystal Golem.

Make your way up the winding path and take shelter behind the corner of a building as a third Crystal Golem attacks. Fighting him here protects you from the projectile attacks of a Sorcerer ahead.

Head up the short staircase ahead and kill the Sorcerer of Eleum Loyce, then turn around and defeat a fourth Crystal Golem who was sitting next to the staircase.

Dark Souls 2

Head back down the stairs and, keeping the wall on your left, walk past the tree and between the buildings. Circle around the building, keeping the wall on your right now, and enter a clearing with two Retainers and a corpse to pillage for Dark Dance x 1, a "hex that releases a large amount of Dark," according to its description.

Turn around, facing away from the body, and walk down the path between two buildings again. Follow the wall on your left around the corner until you find another corpse to pillage for Ring of the Embedded x 1, which boosts your Vigor, Endurance, and Vitality but increases the damage you receive.

Double back the way you came between the two buildings and fall off the mini cliff between them. Instead of heading back up the stairs, walk to the right of the tree and pillage a corpse for Lloyd's Talisman x 3.

Head up the stairs where you defeated the Sorcerer and the Crystal Golem. Follow the path around and turn left to enter the arched tunnel. In the distance, you'll find a Rampart Golem, a large and powerful enemy who sports a lance and a shield and is susceptible to backstabs. Let him come to you. If you fight him on the bridge, you risk being hit with the ranged attack of a Sorcerer hiding in a building.

Head across the bridge, pillage a corpse for Radiant Lifegem x 5 and pull the lever to open the large door.

Walk through the door, turn left and get the attention of the three Hollows down the path ahead. Back away, and they'll follow you. Kill them and head down the path to kill the Rampart Golem. Behind where he stood is a locked door. You'll need the Garrison War Key, which is a ways away.

Turn around and follow the path to a closed door. Open it and kill the Sorcerer within. You'll see two chests and a Mimic, all of which are encased in ice. There's nothing you can do about that now.

Leave the room, turn right, ascend the winding staircase and fight the Rampart Golem blocking your path.

Dark Souls 2

Continue forward, and and your path will dead end in a T-shaped intersection. There are two paths before you, which we'll explore in the next section, Abandoned Dwelling bonfire 1-2.

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