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Where's Polygon's Far Cry 4 review?

Ordinarily, I like to think that Polygon is pretty on top of the big, high-profile games with regards to reviews. We push aggressively to secure copies as far in advance as possible to make sure we can have substantive, authoritative reviews up on the site by embargo — that is, the time that publishers determine press can post their final impressions based on pre-release access to their games. We do this so you, our audience, can make the most informed decisions about how to spend your time and money as possible.

This morning, the review embargo for Far Cry 4 expired at 9 a.m. ET. Unfortunately, we do not have a review prepared to publish at this time. Last week, we were sent a non-final "debug" version of the game for PlayStation 4. This build of the game did not function on our PS4 test kits, despite attempts to remedy the issue with both Ubisoft and a firmware update provided by Sony PR.

Meanwhile, several outlets received retail copies of Far Cry 4 earlier this week for both Xbox One and PS4. We did not. Regardless, we're going to buy a copy of Far Cry 4, and get a review up as soon as possible.

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