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GameStop teases Black Friday deals with PS TV, PS3 sale today

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GameStop hasn't quite lifted the curtain on its annual Black Friday sale yet, but they did just kick off a few discounts today for the PlayStation TV and PlayStation 4.

The deals include:

  • PlayStation TV – Was $99.99 – Now $79.99
  • PlayStation TV Bundle – Was $139.99 – Now $99.99
  • PlayStation 3 (12GB Infinity Bundle) - Was $249.99 - Now $199.99
  • PlayStation 3 (500GB) TLOU - Was $269.99 - Now $249.99
  • PlayStation 3 (500GB) Lego Batman - Was $269.99 - Now $249.99

All of the discounts are first come, first served and can be found over on GameStop. If you're looking for gaming Black Friday deals, you can find them here. We'll get up the GameStop Black Friday deals as soon as they're announced.