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Hearthstone power play delivers 312,417 damage

This video shows a Hearthstone match ending in a combo that forces a player to draw 784 cards and then absorb a whopping 312,417 in damage.

For the uninitiated, and come on, the initiated, 312,417 is a bit more damage then you would normally need to kill a player. This particular kill uses a couple of complex rules and plays to deliver the beat down.

In Hearthstone, players take damage whenever they run out of cards and have to draw a new one. In this case, player HysteriA takes advantage of his enemy's Northshire Clerics which forces him to draw a card whenever a minion is healed.

Judging by the comments in the YouTube video, and the absurdity of the luck required to pull this off, it looks like both players were in on the massive kill.

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