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Crown of the Ivory King guide: Outer Wall bonfire 2-1

If you're following this guide's suggested path through Crown of the Ivory King, you'll be at the Grand Cathedral bonfire. You can either warp directly to the Outer Wall bonfire or take the scenic route out of the Grand Cathedral, down the staircase, across the section where you fought Aava, the King's Pet and out the mangled doors.

Retrace your steps from the Outer Wall bonfire, as if you were heading to the second bonfire at the Abandoned Dwelling. Take a right at the intersection beyond the mangled doors, fight past the three Sorcerers, descend the staircase and fight the fourth Sorcerer.

Dark Souls 2

Before traveling the bridge, enter the hallway where the coffins used to block your path. The lever you pulled when taking the left path beyond the Abandoned Dwelling bonfire moved the elevator and made this area accessible.

Open the chest to collect Soul Flash, a sorcery that fires a "barrage of small souls" that's "intended to protect its caster more than damage enemies."

Climb the ladder to the left of the door and pillage a corpse to collect the Northwarder armor set, whose hood, robe, machetes and trousers tend to increase spell duration.

Backtrack and leave the structure you're in, heading away from the Outer Wall bonfire. The same old Retainer will be meditating on the bridge, but she won't ignore you anymore. Pass her up, and she'll follow, so you'll need to take her down.

Dark Souls 2

Descend the spiral staircase and defeat the next Retainer, who's sitting in an alcove between buildings to your right. Head to the other alcove across the way and pillage three corpses for Goldenfruit Balm x 2, Dried Root x 1 and a Retainer Staff x 1.

Head to the area with the fountain, turning right when you enter to kill the Retainer meditating there. Head right around the fountain to kill another Retainer. Pillage a corpse previously frozen in ice for Repair Powder x 3.

Head through the archway and toward the building on the left, as if you were on you way to the Abandoned Dwelling bonfire. At the top of the building's next staircase, in the room with to doors, take the door on the same wall as the staircase. Kill the Crystal Sorcerer on the next staircase and the Retainer in the room to the right of the top of the staircase.

Dark Souls 2

Ascend the next staircase and kill the Crystal Golem who materialized in front of the middle treasure chest. Pillage the three treasure chests for Divine Blessing x 2, a Sorcerer's Twinblade and Soul Vessel x 1.

Continue your journey in Outer Wall bonfire 2-2.

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