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How to finish Far Cry 4 in less than 30 minutes

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Warning: There are spoilers in both this video and the story.

Update: The original headline miscalculated the time it would actually take to finish the game. Including the 10 or so minutes of preamble, it's more like a 20 to 25 minute path to completion. So the headline was changed after publication.

Far Cry 4 isn't even out yet and someone's already completed it in 15 minutes. No, not a speedrunner, just some observant types who, rather than trying to escape in the game's opening sequence, simply wait around for madman Pagan Min to return.

Ubisoft Montreal included a delightful little alternate ending for those who are a little more ... cautious in their approach. We'll embed the video here and then start the description of what's going on after that, to give those who ignored the spoiler alert above a final chance to bail out.

So here's the deal. The player portrays Ajay Ghale, who has returned to Kyrat with his mother's ashes to inter them with the cremains of his sister. That leads him into the hands of Pagan Min, the Kyrati dictator who in a bloody civil conflict with the Golden Path, the rebel group Ghale/you will join.

You're taken captive and sit down at a meal with Min. After going through all of this, most people would seek to escape rather than hang around with someone who has murdered one of his own soldiers, and is now going to torture the shit out of your companion.

However, if you do stick around to "enjoy the crab rangoon," or whatever, for at least 10 minutes, Min returns. Skip to 10:20 of the above video to see what happens. There's even a Press X to Pay Respects (although not using exactly those words) moment that is hilariously coincidental. As for spoilers, it's probably just going to confirm what you already suspected after that opening sequence.

Anyway that's it. Game's over. Can we finally shoot some goddamn guns?

This video was captured by YouTube's imperfectplayers. Far Cry 4 launches on Tuesday. Earlier videos of the ending were found by GameSpot and Kotaku but they've been taken down.

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