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Evolve's 'Big Alpha' served more than 1.3 million rounds of play

Evolve's six-day"Big Alpha" event was more than just a first look at the monster-hunting shooter set to launch Feb. 10. It was a big data-collection opportunity for developer Turtle Rock Studios. What did they learn?

Hunters had a .567 winning percentage against monsters overall, or 753,414 to 574,079 in raw numbers of wins versus losses, according to this infographic. That means more than 1.3 million rounds were played over the alpha's span, which included the outage on PlayStation 4 (and subsequent extension to accommodate that platform.)

Further, more than 2 million hours of Evolve gameplay was viewed over Twitch. That's 235 years, or four years younger than the United States. And the longest round played was 40 minutes.

For more on Evolve, see the video below, which showcases three full rounds and more than 30 minutes of gameplay.

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