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Assassin's Creed Unity patch three won't fix everything but will help a lot, Ubisoft says

What exactly the next patch for Assassin's Creed Unity will fix hasn't been finalized yet, but Ubisoft says it will "dramatically improve your experience."

"Again, while the ultimate list of fixes for patch three isn't finalized yet, it will be soon. Part of what we want to do at this point is balance the competing desires to get as much as we can into the patch with getting it out quickly," the Live updates team wrote on the game's official page. "Once we've locked down exactly what will be in patch three, we will update you again with a more specific set of patch notes. This next patch won't solve every problem, but we're expecting that it will dramatically improve your experience."

Among the areas the patch is focusing are fixes to gameplay bugs that have Arno getting stuck in weird places, AI and crowd animation and navigation issues, matchmaking and connectivity, menus and HUD problems and general stability issues.

The team writes that they are also investigating various performance issues including framerate drops.

Meanwhile, while the second patch for the game went live on PS4 and PC last week, the Xbox One patch is set to go live sometime today. The team also rolled out an update to the Companion App which fixes an issue that caused progression to be reset and fixed the "lost assassin" bug for new and existing players.

We continue to try and get comment from Ubisoft about why the game was launched with so many issues and will update this story if they provide comment beyond what was said last week.

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