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Killer Instinct's next Season 2 character is a 2,500-year-old mummy

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Killer Instinct's developers revealed a new character this weekend, and also discussed why the game has no PC edition, and what happened to the Xbox 360 build that was recently uncovered.

Kan-Ra is the newest character for Season 2, developing studio Iron Galaxy said on the game's official forums. He'll get a trailer on Friday, along with livestreamed gameplay showing him in action. Kan-Ra's in-game abilities draw on magic and matter manipulation. He has a complicated backstory as a former royal sorcerer cursed and exiled by his king, which you can read about here.

killer instinct kan-ra mummy

Season 2 has yet to get a story mode because all of the characters aren't in place, writes creative director Adam Isgreen. Kan-Ra is the third Season 2 character to be announced. Another character is expected to be revealed before Christmas, joining Kan-Ra, T.J. Combo, and Maya.

As for the longstanding query about a PC version, Isgreen reaffirmed that Iron Galaxy has no plans to develop one right now. "Finding the right KI experience for PC is certainly something we'd like to tackle, but we have no plans for a PC version right now," he wrote. "We're 100% focused on Season 2 and Xbox One."

And regarding that prototype of Killer Instinct that had been built for Xbox 360: "We explored the idea of KI on 360, but the time to build and maintain it while working on the Xbox One version was a non-zero resource impact, so we decided not to continue development of it," Isgreen said.

The characters for Season 2 will be revealed at a rate of around one per calendar month — not necessarily every 30 days, or on the same day of the month.

"Starting in January, we're going to try some things a bit differently with how we talk about upcoming characters, fuelled directly by your feedback here on the forums," Isgreen said. "Expect each character's name, concept art, story, and gameplay preview streams to appear before their launch, not right around it. "

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