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Football Manager 15's banned names comprise war criminals and lewd jokes

Football Manager is a game about, well, managing a football club. It needs a large population of players, and all of those players need names, which are spit out by a randomizer that can come up with just about anything. Except for these names.

One Football Manager 2015 player found this list of 128 no-nos in a file called "forbidden names." Opening it up, he discovered that Adolf Hitler and Columbine school shooters Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, who professed to admire him, actually do have something in common. Along with "Dick Hole."

"My favourite one out of those is 'Fanny Facey,'" Paul later tweeted. (That word, like "spotted dick," has a different meaning in the U.K.)

Realize that this is a set of instructions to the game itself, to prevent its name randomizer from coming up with "Joseph Goebbels," for that winger you're scouting in Germany. The fact this game might come up with that name otherwise is kind of a surprise to me.

So is the fact this list is just 128 names long. The surest way to be on it is to be a murderous dictator and/or war criminal, or a serial killer. Other current world figures are blocked. The full list can be read at this Pastebin.

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