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Crown of the Ivory King guide: Expulsion Chamber bonfire 1-2

Follow the path straight away from the Expulsion Chamber bonfire and up the winding staircase, killing the Crystal Golem stationed there. Continue forward across the bridge and stop at the intersection.

Dark Souls 2

Thanks to the thaw, you now have three paths to choose from — the Pharros path (to your right), the miracle path (to your left) and the Knight path (straight ahead). We'll take each in turn.


Dark Souls 2

At the fork in the path, turn right and, at the end of the path, insert a Pharros' Lockstone into the Pharros' Contraption to reveal a hidden doorway to its right. Hit the glowing blue outline and pillage the treasure chest in the room for Durgo's Hat, which boosts the range of bows.


Dark Souls 2

Turn around and follow the path straight, all the way to the other side. Walk through a doorway, through a room and onto a balcony with a chest. Open it for Elizabeth Mushroom x 3.

Dark Souls 2

Turn around and exit through he door on your right. Cross the bridge, kill the Sorcerer hiding in the room just over the bridge and the Rampart Golem on the path beyond it. Walk up the short staircase on the same level as the Rampart Golem, past the door and climb the new ladder there.

Defeat the Sorcerer on the broken staircase at your left and open the treasure chest to collect Splintering Lightning Spear, a miracle that launches spears of lightning from above.


Dark Souls 2

Head back the way you came, across the bridge and back to the path that ends at the Pharros' Contraption. Turn left at your first opportunity, directly across from the path that originally brought you here, to a descending staircase that used to be blocked by ice. Fight the Crystal Sorcerer on the staircase.

Dark Souls 2

Head down two more staircases and enter the doorway with your guard up. To the left, there are two Sorcerers and a Crystal Sorcerer who will fire on you as soon as you enter. The enemy closest to you will begin to charge. Back out the door and take him down in safety.

Reenter the building and turn left to fight the two Sorcerers and a third who will creep out from the balcony directly across from the door where you entered.

Backtrack and enter the doorway on your left, directly across from where you entered this room, to pillage a corpse for Priest's Chime +8.

Dark Souls 2

Head back to the far end of the room, turn left and climb up the ladder. Pillage a corpse up top for Elizabeth Mushroom x 2.

Open the door, and you'll find a shortcut that leads back to the Expulsion Chamber bonfire. Head back to the bonfire if you need to replenish, then use the shortcut to reenter the room with the ladder. Take it down and then take another ladder down, fight the Crystal Sorcerer standing in a doorway.

Take another ladder down and kill the Rampart Golem waiting for you . Walk out of that room to fight yet another Sorcerer.

Walk through the door on your left that leads to a balcony. Pillage a corpse for Ring of Resistance + 1, which boosts your resistance to bleeding, curse, petrification and poison.

Dark Souls 2

Head back into the room and climb down the ladder across from the door. Turn around, facing away from the ladder, and walk toward the door, out of which will pour four Frozen Dogs. Use the door as a bottleneck to create separation between you and the hungry, bleed damage-inducing pack. Enter the room they came form and open the chest to collect Wilted Dusk Herb x 3.

Dark Souls 2

Walk to the opposite side of the hallway. Along the way, you'll have to defeat three more Frozen Dogs, one of whom is hiding behind the last pile of crates on the righthand side before the arched doorway.

Dark Souls 2

Exit through the hallway on the right and the elevator in the first doorway on your left. Open the black door at the next floor, and you'll reveal a shortcut to the Inner Wall bonfire, where you can rest and refresh your stats.

Continue beyond the elevator shaft, and you'll be invaded by a dark spirit called Castaway Witch Donna, who wields sorceries and hexes. Make her follow you back as far back along the path toward the elevator shaft as she'll come. If you follow her too far down the path where she appears, you'll have to fight her and a Rampart Golem at the same time, which is Bad News Bears. She also excels at ranged attacks, and if you can get her up close, defeating her is fairly easy.

Dark Souls 2

Kill her, kill the Rampart Golem and open the door behind him, where you'll recruit another Knight of Eleum Loyce.

Use an item to warp or make your way back to the Inner Wall bonfire using the shortcut you uncovered.

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