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Rockstar fixes GTA Online transfer issues for PS4, Xbox One fix expected tomorrow (update)

When Grand Theft Auto 5 launched at midnight this morning, some players trying to transfer their online accounts from PS3 to PS4 or Xbox 360 or Xbox One weren't able to.

It turns out, Rockstar discovered, that the issue was seemingly only impacting people who hadn't played the game this year. A patch hit this afternoon fixing the issue for the PS4, according to the Rockstar support site.

"We are currently addressing this issue with a patch for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 users," according to the post. "This patch is available for download, but may not be available in your region for the next few hours. If you attempt to download the patch and see a 'CE-32937-4' error, please attempt to download the patch again later today. This issue will be addressed for Xbox One and Xbox 360 users by tomorrow."

Affected players can still play the game online; they just won't be able to transfer their character.

Rockstar also noted that Sony has increased the number of servers for the PlayStation 4 patch to help reduce errors and to make the patch more accessible. If you haven't been able to download the patch, they suggest trying again and if that doesn't work, to close the game completely and try to install the patch that way.

Update: PlayStation 4 users should no longer have the issues downloading the patch. All character migrations should now be working, according to the latest Rockstar update. The Xbox One and Xbox 360 fix will hit by tomorrow.

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