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Crown of the Ivory King guide: Grand Cathedral 2-1 - The Ivory King

Now that you've collected three Knights of Eleum Loyce, it's time to fight with them by your side.

Dark Souls 2

Ascend the stairs beyond the Grand Cathedral bonfire, walk beyond the podium where you spoke with the great disembodied voice, and enter the mist.

Welcome to The Old Chaos.

The arena functions much like horde mode in other games. There are three doorways from which Charred Loyce Knights will emerge. As soon as they appear, your (un-charred) Loyce Knights will begin to attack, and so should you.

Your recruits won't do an enormous amount of damage to your enemies, but they serve three important purposes.

  • They indicate who to fight. If they've ganged up on someone, you should, too, for maximum impact.
  • They turn into ice, blocking the doorways during the fight.
  • They distract enemies and let you run away to heal.

Charred Loyce Knights pack a punch and a bunch of HP, so don't underestimate them. Just concentrate on killing whichever enemy you can, knowing that they'll all be gone soon.

A few rounds in, the Burnt Ivory King will make his entrance. You'll have to fight him with fewer allies after the friendly knights depart, but standard rules apply. Watch for telltale signs of strikes, and hit when you have the best opportunity.

When he's defeated, collect the Soul of the Ivory King, which you can trade with with Weaponsmith Ornifex by the Lower Brightstone Cover bonfire for the Ivory King Ultra Greatsword, which deals magic with its special attack. Check out the details of the drops in the gallery below.

But you're not done yet. Now's a good time to explore Crown of the Ivory King's optional area, Frigid Outskirts.

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