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Game of the Year 420Blazeit speed run will give you dubstep nightmares

Game of the Year 420Blazeit, an over-the-top parody shooter made by developer Andy Sum for the 7DFPS game jam (and profiled on Polygon yesterday), was only released last weekend, but it already has a speed run world record. It's almost as gleefully insane as the game itself.

Youtube user Newt0570 is claiming the world record at precisely one minute and 75 hundredths of a second, after more than 150 run attempts. That's a whole lot of dubstep.

Game of the Year 420Blazeit is not a long game. It only took me about ten minutes to beat it once I knew what I was doing. But getting through its sheer chaos, forced slowdown and ridiculous Big Boss ending parody in just barely over a minute flat is quite a feat.

Read more about Game of the Year 420Blazeit here.

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