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Never Alone is delayed on PS4 in Europe

Puzzle-platforming game Never Alone is delayed its PlayStation 4 release in Europe, with a new launch date of Nov. 26, the company confirmed on its official Twitter account.

The game is delayed by just one week while a patch is awaiting approval from SCEE. Both Xbox One and Windows PC versions of the game will still release on the originally planned date in Europe, however.

"We have a game update that is currently in certification testing with SCEE and we want this update to be live before the game goes on sale," reads a statement from publisher E-Line Media and developer Upper One Games.

"The version of Never Alone currently available for PS4 in the Americas has this same update already incorporated (or we would have delayed that launch as well). Never Alone for Xbox One and PC in all territories already has this game update incorporated.

"E-Line and Upper One Games are committed to delivering the best customer experience possible. While we're disappointed that the European PS4 launch will be delayed by a week, we are confident that game players will be delighted by Never Alone when it does come out."

Never Alone received a 7 out of 10 review from Polygon this week. "Despite Never Alone's failings, it's an effective, important experiment in blending gaming and education for grown-ups and, as such, I find it hard to entirely dismiss," the review reads. "While I'm in no great rush to play it again, the appreciation I gleaned for a culture I knew practically nothing about is something I really cherish. If you can patiently plod your way through the game entwined with the story of the Iñupiat people, I suspect you'll cherish them too."

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