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Far Cry 4 devs looking into PC crashes, PS3 corruption following day-one patches

Far Cry 4 hit yesterday and with it two day-one patches, ones that apparently didn't quite fix the game's problems, Ubisoft officials said.

"While this patch should have been applied transparently for most people, some of you — particularly those of you playing offline — may not have had the patch installed. If you are experiencing issues, we recommend double-checking that you've got the Day 1 Patch installed."

If that still doesn't fix the issues you may be running into, Ubisoft officials note that they are investigating a few problems:

1. PC Crashes: Some players have been reporting problems loading the game that result in a crash that manifests as a black screen. We have been able to reproduce this internally. While we are just starting to investigate this, our initial findings suggest that this may be the result of the presence of certain peripherals that are causing conflicts. 

2. PlayStation 3 Corruption: We have seen reports from PS3 players that they are receiving a message reading "Game Data is corrupt. Please delete FC3 game data". While the message suggests this would be limited to players who had also played Far Cry 3 on the same console, we are receiving similar reports from players who have not played FC3. If you are submitting reports about this issue, please clarify if you've played Far Cry 3 or Blood Dragon on the same console. 

3. Pre-Order Code Redemption: Players who pre-ordered the game were told that they would receive an email with a redemption code for the "Blood Ruby" bonus mission in advance of the game's release. Some players have reported that they did not yet receive this email, and some players have reported that they did receive the email but it was missing a valid code.

If you're encountering any other issues not listed in patch one or patch two, Ubisoft asks you to submit a ticket to its support site.

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