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Ikea used smart level design to conquer the world

Shopping at an Ikea store should be infuriating. There is no easy way to head straight to what you want to buy, and you're locked into Ikea's idea of the optimal path through the showroom.

It's not easy to make a "quick" trip to Ikea, but to the retailer's credit they offer you meat balls and they'll help watch your kids. It's a pretty sweet deal.

The magic of the store is that it's not infuriating. It's a comfortable way to shop, and I've never once made it into and out of an Ikea location without picking up at least a few extra things that weren't on the list. This carefully controlled manner of shopper management has paid off in a big way, and it's all thanks to the game-like elements you find in the store.

My favorite videos are the ones that offer insight into facts I already know. I know Ikea is a huge retailer and I know shopping in its stores is a comfortable experience. But why? Watch the video above for a look at everything Ikea does right. And then, of course, you can always listen to a song about the store.

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