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Titanfall gets a 'Deluxe Edition,' reaches 7 million players

Respawn Entertainment's futuristic mech-powered shooter Titanfall now has a Deluxe Edition that's available for Windows PC today and will come to Xbox One next week.

The Deluxe Edition release of Titanfall includes the main game and its three downloadable expansions: Expedition, Frontier's Edge and IMC Rising. The three add-ons bring nine additional maps to the multiplayer-focused game, which Respawn has been building upon and updating since its launch on Xbox One and PC this past March.

In a new video released by publisher EA and Respawn, the developer looks back at Titanfall's many updates, which have added a variety of new modes and gameplay changes to the game. They also reveal that Titanfall has been played by more than 7 million people, to date. Titanfall producer Drew McCoy clarified on NeoGAF today that doesn't mean that the game has sold 7 million copies to date across its three platforms, so it's possible that free promotions through EA's Origin factor into the number of people who have played the game.

Titanfall Deluxe Edition is available for $39.99 on Windows PC through Origin and will retail for $49.99 on Xbox One when it's released on Nov. 25. For more on Titanfall, read Polygon's review.

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