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Final Fantasy 13-2 on PC will have most, but not all, the DLC you'd expect

Final Fantasy 13-2 will launch on Windows PC with most, but not all, of the downloadable content made available on consoles, Square Enix confirmed.

The PC release, which is slated for Dec. 11, will miss out on some of the previously released DLC due to licensing and contractual restrictions, the publisher said. The game will include all major DLC, however, including Lightning: Requiem of the Goddess. You can check out the available DLC in full below.

Coliseum Battles

Outfits for Serah

  • Summoner's Garb
  • Beachwear
  • White Mage

Outfits for Noel

  • Battle Attire
  • Spacetime Guardian
  • Black Mage

Outfits for Mog

  • A Wondrous Wardrobe

Scenarios/Story DLC

  • Sazh: Heads or Tails?
  • Lightning: Requiem of the Goddess
  • Snow: Perpetual Battlefield

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