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Far Cry 4 PS3 fix is to delete game and saves files and reinstall, PC black screen fix coming

Good news, bad news, Far Cry 4 owners.

The good news is that Ubisoft has figured out how to fix the issue that was causing game data corruption for some PlayStation 3 gamers and the black screen for some PC gamers.

The bad news is that the PS3 fix isn't very pretty and the PC fix won't be hitting for another day or two.

Earlier this week, Ubisoft said it was looking into PC crashes, PS3 file corruption and problems with pre-order code redemption bonuses for Far Cry 4.

Last night, the team figured out how to fix the PlayStation 3 issue, which apparently only impacted players who downloaded the game. The solution is an entirely new copy of the game, which you're going to have to download to fix the problem. Also, you're going to have to delete all of your Far Cry 4 save files.

"If you are an affected player, you must completely delete the existing version of the game and then go to the store and re-download the correct version of the game," according to the post.

You do not need to delete any save files for Far Cry 3 or Blood Dragon.

PC owners, you get off easier.

A problem that caused some PC versions of Far Cry 4 to go directly to a black screen, due to the presence of external USB devices, has been fixed. A patch that should remedy the issue is meant to be released on Friday or "in the following days."

No word on that code redemption issue yet.

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