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Soap MacTavish is back from the dead in Call of Duty: Heroes

Classic Call of Duty warriors like Capt. Price, Soap MacTavish and Mike Harper feature in a new touchscreen mobile game, based on the military franchise.

The Clash of Clans-style free-to-play game Call of Duty: Heroes is available today for iOS and Windows 8 devices with Android to follow. Players create military bases, production centers, defensive outposts and military units in a race to defeat opponents. Characters like MacTavish are brought in as elite units, creating kill streaks and unlocking extra powers.

Soap MacTavish, a British SAS special ops soldier, featured in various Call of Duty: Modern Warfare games, before being killed in action.

"Call of Duty: Heroes brings back these iconic characters from across the Call of Duty franchise to play once again in an all-new experience created for mobile players," said Jeremiah Maza from publisher Activision. "It's all focused on the fun. There's nothing like calling in heavyweights and rolling into a new mission right from your phone or tablet."

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