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Bloodborne shows yet more gothic horror, teases procedurally generated levels

Here's a selection of new images from Bloodborne, the much fancied action-adventure developed by From Software, best known for the Dark Souls series of games.

The images were posted earlier today on Sony's PlayStation blog and show more details of the Hemwick graveyard environment and the deliciously gothic Cainhurst castle. Also on view are characters and weapons, which feature heavily in the game's world of monsters and dark enemies.

From Software also teased a procedurally generated area of dungeons. "Deep under the city of Yharnam lies an expansive network of multi-leveled ruins, seemingly much older than Yharnam itself and crafted by something other than human hands," stated the blog post, "What's more, these ruins appear differently to each hunter brave enough to enter. We're all very excited to talk more about what that means in just a few weeks."

Bloodborne is due to be released on PlayStation 4 in March next year.

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