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Now 'The Last Starfighter' gets a modern trailer

Last week we posted a video showing a modern trailer for The Empire Strikes Back (1980). Now, YouTube user Tim Gonzales has turned his hand to a slightly less illustrious, but fondly recalled 1980s sci-fi movie, The Last Starfighter (1984).

It's interesting to compare this trailer with the tell-a-tale style of original. Also, it's a treat to view those antique special effects and ‘80s-style calls to just be the best darned person you can be.

The Last Starfighter is the story of a teenage video games prodigy who is recruited for an intergalactic war. "It's is one of my favorite sci-fi movies," wrote Gonzales on his YouTube page. "I watched it again the other day and had the urge to cut together a more modern trailer for it."

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