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Even your horrible death by starvation and zombie bites is adorable in MiniDayZ

DayZ is such a painfully difficult game that even turning it into a cutesy, pixelated, 2D version of itself doesn't change how soul-crushingly hard it can be.

MiniDayZ, a bitsy remake of the open-world survival horror MMO DayZ, was created by CannedBits, a Russia-based fan of the game. The single-player demake was picked up and officially published by Bohemia Interactive today as a freebie for fans of the title.

Like its undead big brother, MiniDayZ has players roaming a desolate landscape in search of the bare minimum in hopes of surviving. You still need to worry about food, water, bleeding or freezing to death, and of course other survivors and itsy-bitsy zombies.

It's all so cute ... and horrible. Even when you die, you won't be stop yourself from both muttering and saying "dawwwww."

Pick it up over on the official site.

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