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Eve Online's amazing new trailer focuses on the players and their stories

Eve Online is, at its heart, a sandbox. It's a completely open world, and in fact the game often spills out into the real world as players try to work angles between player-created corporations and organizations. To show off that sense of dramatic, player-driven content CCP Games sent out a call for samples of in-game voice chat.

The company received a large number of submissions, and went through the best, or at least most interesting snippets and combined them with work from the team's cinematics department to create a trailer that tries to explain what EVE Online feels like to play.

The trailer is fascinating. It's partially cinematic, partially overwhelming and with a good dose of humor. Much like the game itself.

Check out our feature if you'd like to learn more about the interesting political and personal dynamics of Eve Online, and the game's latest update goes live on December 9.

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