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See Killer Instinct's newest member in action in this trailer

As promised last week, Killer Instinct released this trailer showing the newest character in its Season 2 lineup: Kan-Ra, a mummified 2,500 year-old court wizard who has come to our realm to throw down and beat ass galore.

Kan-Ra's strange powers have heavy supernatural and mystical themes; he really likes manipulating the floor to stab opponents with stalagmites, or burst from it by surprise with an uppercut to the kisser. His wrappings also prove useful, as the trailer shows.

The characters for Season 2 will be revealed at a rate of around one per calendar month — not necessarily every 30 days, or on the same day of the month. Three have been announced so far: Kan-Ra, T.J. Combo, and Maya. A fourth is expected to be announced in December.

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