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Here's a look at the free DLC Driveclub is giving away

Here's a trailer showing the Ignition Expansion Pack for Driveclub, a piece of DLC that was to have been premium but was made free as an apology to customers unable to use the game's online features, now 47 days after its Oct. 7 launch.

In fact, all of November's planned DLC will be offered for free, including this expansion as well as the Photo-Finish Tour Pack. Offering them for free requires Sony to lengthen the span of the season pass that delivered all the premium content to users at a flat rate.

In comments on that Facebook post, Evolution Studios said that "work continues on the server improvements as our priority, and everyone on the team who is able to work on this (or help) is focused exclusively on fixing the server issues."

However, others in the studio are working on "new features like dynamic weather and replays as well as many other improvements to the game based on your feedback."

Still no word when the free edition promised to PlayStation Plus subscribers will be launched.

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