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Ultra Street Fighter 4's weird 'Wild' animal costumes live up to their name

The dream of dressing up Ryu like a wolf, Ken like a bald eagle and E. Honda as a hulking kappa is about to be realized, thanks to Ultra Street Fighter 4's upcoming "wild" costume pack. As part of an update on the version 1.04 patch coming for Ultra Street Fighter 4, Capcom is offering a clear, extensive look at the game's quirkiest costumes to date.

Browse the gallery above to see Dudley as a bulldog, Sagat as — what else? — a tiger, Juri as a fox, Gen as a goat and Rolento as... is that a bearded dragon?

Other changes coming in Ultra Street Fighter 4's version 1.04 update are available at Capcom Unity. They include training mode trials, the new edition select option, bug fixes and balance changes "with the ultimate goal of making everyone viable."

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