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Guess that Smash Bros. character video is hilarious, cute

Apparently, the general public doesn't know the difference between Samus and Iron Man. As evidenced in this video from YouTube User D Piddy, some folks really know their Super Smash bros. characters (or, Nintendo characters generally), and some really, really don't.

Fair enough. If you don't regularly play the series, why would you know, say, Shulk? Or the finer points of Nintendo's royalty?

In the video, a young woman interviews random strangers, showing them pictures of the various combatants and asking folks to name them. Just about everyone was okay with Mario and Luigi and Donkey Kong, but things started to get a little hairy when Rosalina was introduced (more than one passerby guessed she was Elsa from Frozen). The best response? When faced with Wario, one woman made a disgusted face and just said "ew." I think Wario would be proud.

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