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Have you found Far Cry 4's second alternate ending?

Far Cry 4 features a "super secret alternate ending" that can be triggered late in the game, creative director Alex Hutchinson confirmed on Twitter.

This is the second of two known alternate endings, the first of which is set off when the player listens to villain Pagan Min during the game's prologue. According to Hutchinson, the second alternate ending can be set off near the end of the game and requires the player to make "a snap decision and creates a whole new mini-location..."

Hutchinson has also teased a number of "mini moments" that can be triggered mid-way through the game, describing these as "'dead end' branches basically."

"You can do it and the result is unique, but it doesn't affect the end," he writes. "We did it for fun, and to squeeze more possible player expressions out of the missions."

Far Cry 4 received a 9 out of 10 review score from Polygon. "Far Cry 4 is more of what you'd expect, but that's not a bad thing," it reads. "So, yes, from a very cynical perspective, Far Cry 4 is "more Far Cry," but it's delivered in such a sophisticated fashion that I can't really see how that's a negative. If each iteration is this smart and silly and beautiful and ridiculous, I don't see this series wearing out its welcome with me anytime soon."