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RTS Grey Goo hits Steam Jan. 23

Grey Goo, the real-time-strategy game coming from Grey Box that is empowered by Petroglyph and Weta, hits Steam on Jan. 23, the developers announced this morning.

The news comes following an extensive closed alpha that the team said helped them develop a road map leading straight to an early 2015 release date.

In the meantime, Grey Goo folks say they plan to start dropping more live streams of the game, dev diaries, gameplay videos and more on the backstory of the game.

To kick things off, they released the game's first dev diary today (you can watch it below.)

When I saw the game earlier this, I wrote that it looked like a smart return to a beloved PC genre conceptualized by Weta Workshop, the design studio behind the likes of District 9, Lord of the Rings and Avatar, and developed by Petroglyph Games, the team formed out of the husk of Westwood Studios and responsible for titles like Star Wars: Empire at War and End of Nations.

"Despite that impressive pedigree though, the most memorable thing about my time with the team responsible for Grey Goo was the grey goo," I wrote. You can read the full report on the game right here.

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