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Want a free copy of Torchlight?

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Torchlight, the rather excellent hack-and-slash title from Runic Games, is now on sale for the also rather excellent price of free.

"We have great news today, Torchlight is now available to download through Arc! Simply log-in and add the game for free within Arc (Regular Price of $15), and the game will be yours forever!" the official page states.

"If that wasn't enough, during this promotion Torchlight 2 will also be available for the amazingly low price of $5! (Regular Price of $20) So what are you waiting for? Fire up Arc and get your copies today!"

You'll have to use the Arc client, which is likely the point of the giveaway, but that's a small price to pay for both of these games for $5. The Torchlight series offers some of the best Diablo-style gaming on the market, and this is an excellent way to give it a try if you have yet to pick up either copy of the game.

This deal is valid through Nov. 30.