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Head of Xbox Japan steps down following dismal Xbox One sales

In the wake of the Xbox One launch in Japan, head of Xbox Japan Takashi Sensui has resigned his post, Famitsu reports (as translated by Kotaku).

Sensui, who took over as head in 2006, will be transferred to the company's U.S. headquarters where he will work as the general manager for Interactive Entertainment Business at Microsoft. Sensui will be working under Xbox vice-president Mike Nichols, while supporting Xbox Japan from the States as part of this reorganization.

The new Xbox system was poorly received in Japan following its release in September. The console, which has now shifted 38,461 units since its arrival in the country, has performed far worse than its predecessors Xbox 360 and the original Xbox.

The majority of these units sold  23,562 units to be exact were sold during the first four days that followed the console's launch. Comparatively, the Xbox 360 sold double that number in just over two days when it was first released in 2005.

Likewise, Wii U saw sales of 308,000 units during the first two days of its launch in Japan, while PS4 saw sales of 322,000.

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