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Druids will want to see this new Hearthstone card

Last week, we went over the first batch of revealed cards from the upcoming Hearthstone expansion, Goblins vs. Gnomes. This week Blizzard has provided a brand new card for us to reveal, and it's a doozy.

Let me start by saying that I love playing as a druid in Hearthstone. It's a tough class to master, and it hasn't really been at the top of the competitive charts lately. But I love its mix of small healing spells, buffs, and really big, powerful minions. This new druid card from Goblins vs. Gnomes looks to continue that trend.

Meet Druid of the Fang.

Hearthstone: Goblins vs. Gnomes druid of the fang

The interesting trade-off here is immediately obvious to anyone who's played much Hearthstone. At a mana cost of 5, Druid of the Fang's initial stats of 4 attack and 4 health aren't worth it. However, a 7 attack/7 health minion for a cost of 5 is much nicer sounding.

The question becomes: If it's worth having a beast in your deck to help power up this minion, what beast should it be? Currently, pre-Goblins vs. Gnomes, druid decks don't have many beast options specific to them. They could choose the "Power of the Wild" spell, which can summon a panther, or they could fill out their deck with neutral beast minions, which can be used by any class.

Or perhaps the full Goblins vs. Gnomes deck list includes some new beast surprises specifically built to work hand in hand with Druid of the Fang? We won't have to wait much longer to find out. Blizzard has promised that Goblins vs. Gnomes will be launching some time in December.

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